This UNHCR IOM online course on Protection of Refugees and Migrants Moving by Sea aims to enhance the learners’ understanding and knowledge of the legal frameworks and standards applicable to protection at sea, as well as of advocacy and operational responses to address the needs of migrants and refugees in maritime movements.


The course is designed for actors engaged in interventions to protect the rights of refugees and migrants in maritime movements, including but not only limited to rescue at sea operations and post-disembarkation services and activities.


This course provides legal references, valuable resources and tools and scenario-based practices and tips through 5 modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to Protection at Sea

Module 2 - States' Prerogatives and Obligations Towards Migrants and Refugees

Module 3 - The Legal Framework on Search and Rescue at Sea

Module 4 - Place of Safety

Module 5 - Protecting Migrants and Refugees in Search and Rescue Operations: Scenarios